About us

We believe everyone deserves the cost savings and benefits of rooftop solar. They just need some help navigating the complex process. So we created Spark to share our expertise.

Trusted advice

How we can help you

We know that switching to solar is daunting and complicated. We make solar simple by helping you at every step of the way, so you always have Spark on your side.

and let us help you make your solar journey simple

Right product

selecting the right product and technology supplier

Accredited solar providers

matching you only with an accredited solar provider

Right solar solution

optimizing the size and specification of your solar system to meet your needs

Best finance deal

sourcing and structuring the right finance solution to meet your needs

Always there

provide ongoing support for any operations and maintenance (O&M) requirements and warranty claims

Our Mission

We are on a mission to accelerate the adoption of solar rooftop to move us towards a lower-carbon future, faster.

Solar is an environmentally important and growing market over the next 30 years. We believe that it can greatly benefit from tech and scalable software innovation, similar to what we have seen in many other sectors in the past decade. This approach will drive our mission.